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Recipes with Easy and Delicious Marinades

Recipes & Cooking

Marinating meats has been a practiced technique spanning back to times in the Iberian Peninsula. It was a method of preserving meat, especially during hot months that shortened the amount of time tha...

How to Make Soaps at Home

Natural Cosmetics

Soaps are used to clean contaminants and residue from skin that could affect skin health, and even overall health. Although the majority of us buy commercial soaps, you can also use home ingredients to create a more natural soap, which is sometimes ...

Natural Remedies for Gas and Heartburn


The body’s pH levels should be slightly acidic. When the body’s pH is off, one may experience symptoms associated with acidosis, like insomnia, bad breath, teeth that are sensitive to acids, fluid retention, low blood pressure, constipation and/...

Diet for Individuals with Colitis


If you suffer from ulcerative colitis, it is very important that you understand which foods could aggravate your problem, and therefore try to avoid them. This is a great start.

The Risks of taking too much Medication

Stress and Anxiety

Our current pace of life demands large amounts of effort, flexibility, and often times long work days. There’s not very much space left over to relax and rest. Vacations and fun activities generally cause even more stress.

Natural Remedies for Abdominal Cellulite


Cellulite is created by adipose tissue that accumulates in certain areas of the body, giving the skin a wrinkly and uneven appearance that is often times compared to cottage cheese, which is why it is colloquially known by this term. Of course, lots...

How to Reduce Colon Inflammation with Natural Remedies


Inflammatory intestinal diseases, like colitis and Crohn’s disease, can affect life quality and they can even affect your work performance, among other life aspects.

Simple Recipes with Fennel

Recipes with vegetables

After buying a handful of fresh fennel, I dedicated myself to preparing several different dishes with this vegetable, which were great for anything from breakfast to dinner. Rarely have I had the opportunity to cook so many foods with it, and throug...

Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally

Facial Care

Eyelashes are those hairs that grow on the edge of your eyelids, and serve to protect your eyes from certain environmental hazards, like dust and foreign objects. Eyelashes also play an important role in aesthetics, because a healthy and attractive ...

The Advantages of Consuming Raw Foods


The only foods that should be eaten raw or uncooked for health, are those that have been discovered, over the years, to be healthful in this way. It’s not surprising that almost all of these foods fall under the plant or fungus category, as animal...

Six Refreshing Beverages for Summer

Fruit recipes

Some drinks use fruit juices, which provide vitamins and minerals, and others, like coconut, provide solutes, as if they were specially prepared rehydrating beverages. I hope you enjoy this selection, and also remember that each of these drinks can ...

Routine for Preventing Sciatic Nerve Pain


Sciatic nerve pain can quickly advance from a slight bother to an incapacitating pain. It can prevent you from doing your normal daily activities. Analgesics are sometimes sufficient for controlling or removing pain, but in the majority of cases, t...

Natural Remedies for Stomach Ulcers


Stomach, or peptic ulcers, are lesions located in the mucous lining of the stomach caused by the stomach’s own acid. They are generally very painful and even though they generally don’t develop in healthy individuals, there are several common ca...

The Benefits of Cooking Food


Sometimes, when sitting in the comfort of our homes, especially in the city, it can be easy to forget the reasons we do certain things or have certain protocols that permeate a large part of society. Sometimes these things are forgotten, or become q...

How to Keep your Glutes in Shape

Training and Exercises

You don’t need surgery to have perfect glutes, nor do you need invasive techniques. All you need is persistence and a good exercise routine, along with a balanced diet.


Glutenfree Sandwich Bread

Net weight: 310g. (1 unit) Ingredients: Corn starch, water,  sugar , pasteurized liquid egg ...

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Organic Muesli with fruits

The Muesli is the result of the mixture of several cereals, nuts, dried fruits and dehydrated, and s...

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Sweet almond oil

- Prepared for topical use, nonalcoholic, that standardizes greasy secretions in skin and hairy leat...

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